We wake up on a clear sun­ny day in the cam­per area of Jumiè­ges, not too far away from the abbey. Whi­le we’­re having break­fa­st a mul­ti­tu­de of baby goa­ts appears from a woo­den hut just beyond the fen­ce and start to roam around the lawn. They’­re too cute not to take some pic­tu­res. A young man comes out of the hut waving at us. At fir­st, we think he

Mont Saint-Michel

After break­fa­st with pan au cho­co­lat, we are off to Mont Saint-Michel, who­se sha­pe stands out to the north of the cam­per area whe­re we spent the night. Arri­ving in the area, all the roads come to a lar­ge par­king lot from which is pos­si­ble to walk or board one of the many free shut­tle buses that cover the 2 km distan­ce to the island. In recent years, Mont Saint-Michel has been

The D‑Day beaches

We wake up on a beau­ti­ful sun­ny day in the par­king lot in front of the Pla­ge du Butin. We spend the mor­ning visi­ting Hon­fleur, a delight­ful Cal­va­dos town, loca­ted on the mouth of the Sei­ne. We take a walk down to the quaint har­bor, con­ti­nuing along the nar­row and gra­ce­ful stree­ts of the Old Town. We note many art stu­dios and venues whe­re to enjoy crê­pes and other local spe­cial­ties.

Côte d’Albâtre

In order to make full use of the four days avai­la­ble, we lea­ve from Den Haag on Fri­day eve­ning. The plan is to dri­ve a long way down the road that sepa­ra­tes us from Nor­man­dy so we will begin to explo­re the region the next mor­ning. We head to Ant­werp and Brus­sels (A4, then E19, E17), fin­ding some inten­se traf­fic near Rot­ter­dam. Just past the French bor­der begins the high­way


It was at lea­st three years that we fan­ta­si­zed about Nor­man­dy as a pos­si­ble tra­vel desti­na­tion. The infor­ma­tion gathe­red about its wea­ther, often bri­sk, makes us choo­se the late spring as the time of the year to try to ven­tu­re bet­ween the Côte d’Al­bâ­tre and the Mont Saint-Michel. Once again, sin­ce Ste­fa­no lives in The Hague, we deci­de to arran­ge the short trip in a van, lea­ving from The Nether­lands.